Goals Are For Losers…

Goals Are For Losers…

In the spirit of 2019 Goal Setting Season…

Before any game, both sides in their respective locker rooms have one goal. To win.  Ultimately, one team will lose yet, both have the exact same goals in the beginning so what separates the winners from the losers? The successes from the failures?

Goals do not win games. Goals will not give you success. So what will?

Extreme preparedness, refined systems, disciplined habits and taking action.

Goals are overwhelming. And when overwhelming meets lack of preparation coupled with a lack of systems, strategies, and tools, your result will be failure 100% of the time.

I too was guilty of simply writing down all of my goals down, diligently looking at them every day and waiting for the day that I could check them off as complete, all the while I was aimlessly wandering about my day not taking specific enough actions in order to accomplish them, nor did I have the strategies or habits in place to achieve much.

So what changed? Well to put it simply, when I changed, everything changed for me and I can tell you that the same will be true for you. When you change your habits, discipline, and systems everything will change for you.

I started to evaluate my habits, my systems, my lack of preparation and discipline.  I then looked for mentors to who I could emulate and started to evaluate their systems, habits and specific actions that they took and began to copy them over to my lifestyle. It wasn’t easy but, I can tell you that success leaves clues and one of the biggest clues I’ve found was that all those who achieve any level of greatness or success seem to follow uncannily similar processes.

80% on the process 20% on the content. Its all about the process you have set up to achieve something. Just like abs are made in the kitchen, your success and ability to accomplish anything will rely heavily upon your habits, discipline, systems, and strategies.  Like going to the gym 7 days a week eating a garbage diet with excess calories, your gains and/or losses are going to minimal, frustrating and will likely result in you getting frustrated, giving up and repeating the cycle over and over.

This year please don’t set goals. Evaluate your lifestyle, get extremely clear on what you want out of this life, develop sustainable systems and processes so that when hard times fall upon you, your systems will keep you going.  I sincerely hope that 2019 is your best year ever, just ensure your setting yourself up for success.


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