30 Day Visual Diet To Success

It should come as no surprise that your attitude about life, personal image and success is highly influenced by the images, articles you are exposed to through digital media.

Years ago I was success-obsessed. I followed self-proclaimed online millionaires, influencers, professional athletes, the up-and-coming tech giants and anyone who I thought that I aspired to be. Instagram was my daily source of visual inspiration, but my insatiable appetite for success was having an odd side effect: it was encouraging me to look down upon my own successes in life. Thumbing through my feed was an exercise in scrutiny.  Look at how well this person is doing.. their success…I will never reach that level.  By comparison, I felt poor, unaccomplished, and destined to a life of failure.

Not surprisingly, what we see is what we like, and what we like is what we aspire to have, and therefore continue to use it as the basis for comparison on our own lives.

The more we’re exposed to overall diversity, the more we will ultimately tolerate, accept and even start to adopt different preferences

Let’s get something straight: no one should be ashamed for being where you are in life currently. Your current situation does not reflect your future potential.

Celebrities, athletes, “Moguls” and self-proclaimed millionaires will continue pumping out the same old impossible standards, but you can absolutely control what you let into your world. Stand strong at the gates of your mind and be extremely selective on what you chose to let enter. If you struggle with your confidence or current level of success, let’s see if we can help start the process of getting you back on track with this 30-Day Visual Diet.

How To Go On A Visual Diet 

Here are 3 ways to start your visual diet.

1) Seriously consider closing down MOST of your social media accounts. Frankly, there are studies that suggest closing down certain accounts altogether will almost instantly raise your level of happiness by 30% which is what I would recommend.  For those who are not ready for this step, you need to unfollow all those insta-celebs who give you bad vibes, including real-life friends, because after all, if they fall in that category chances are they are not friends. It’s going to be hard but, necessary.

2) Follow those who project the confidence you admire, with a defined range of what success means to you. Wealth is not only about money. Pick those that have a great family, love their pets, have helped those in need or whatever your definition of success may be. Money is a hollow friend.

3) Re-evaluate constantly. Its ok to eliminate waste and the unnecessary from your visual diet. In fact, it’s a good thing. Similarly to plateauing on a physical diet after cutting back on your calories, what do you have to do to lose more weight? Cut back more!

Don’t get sucked into the subconscious realm of the digital world and let it negatively impact your life. Be cognoscente of the shows you watch, the people you follow and the articles you read. You’ve probably heard the saying, ” We are the sum of the 5 closest people we hang around with” well the same can be said about what we let into our mind. If we become what we think about most of the time and we find ourselves thinking about the success of others and our own shortcomings, then how can we expect any other result than failure? You need to set yourself up for success.

It’s no different from eating garbage food, going to the gym and then wondering why its not working. Not to mention that your quality of life will go down dramatically. From how you feel during the day, your digestion, how you sleep etc. You need to ensure that your mental intake of information is as healthy, free from fat, sugar, and toxins etc. as possible to reach your highest level of confidence and success. Don’t expect to take yourself to the next level if you are looking at things that don’t positively challenge you, that which invokes judgment, anger or cause you to get off track.

So take note of your visual diet and make 2019 your year!

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